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5 Ways To Celebrate National Literacy Month!

national literacy month

September is National Literacy Month and at Literacy KC, we are so excited to celebrate! Strong literacy skills are essential skills for the development and growth of a community and our nation as a whole. However, literacy can easily get taken for granted as something that many of us have had the majority of our lives. This month is one to cherish because it helps to increase the awareness of low-literate populations within communities all over the country. Here are some things that you can do to help celebrate literacy throughout September


A father reads to his children during one of Literacy KC’s Let’s Read: Family Reading Program gatherings.

1. READ READ READ! The best way to celebrate a month full of literacy is by, of course, reading! Whether you take advantage of individual, group, and/or family reading opportunities, all are wonderful ways to enjoy this month. If there was ever a time when you needed an excuse to explain your excessive reading, now you have one!


2. Celebrate National Literacy Day on September 8th by visiting your local library and checking out a book! If you are in the Kansas City area, we recommend our partners, Mid-Continent Public Library and Kansas City Public Library.  

3. Increase Your Awareness: Did you know that there are over 225,000 low-literate adults in the Kansas City Metropolitan area? Do some research within your community to gauge the need. Often times the low-literate population within a community is much higher than most people realize. The next step after increasing your awareness, is to take action and help others who may be struggling with some form of low-literacy.


4. Attend Literacy KC’s Literacy For All Luncheon: Join us on Friday, September 16th from 11:45 am-1:00 pm to hear community leaders, along with Literacy KC volunteers and students, speak about the critical need for literacy in our homes, schools and businesses – and how we are working to accomplish our vision of literacy for all.

This luncheon will provide you with the opportunity to hear from our guest speakers, Jeffri Chadiha, a senior columnist and an on-air personality for the NFL Network and NFL.com, and Tom Bloch, former CEO of H&R Block & Co-Founder of University Academy. You will also hear from other literacy advocates in the community and get to know those involved with Literacy KC. It’s a great opportunity to introduce friends, family, and colleagues to our organization!

To purchase tickets, click here! For additional ticket & sponsorship information, email krogers@literacykc.org.


5. Volunteer with Us! What better way to celebrate this month than helping others to improve their literacy skills? We have volunteer opportunities that range from tutoring in a classroom or office support to assisting with special events and helping out in our computer lab. To learn more about volunteering, email kbrown@literacykc.org, visit our website, or call (816) 333-9332.

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Local Author Candice Millard to Speak at Literacy for All Luncheon

In honor of International Literacy Day, September 8, 2015, we are pleased to launch our new Literacy KC blog, Between the Lines. The Family Reading Program will continue its once-a-month blog here, and for the rest of the month we will host a weekly literacy potpourri of reflections, ruminations, information, and anything else we might be thinking. Expect to see interviews with and stories about our students, staff, and volunteers, views from inside our programs to show you how they work, information from LKC and other literacy programs across the nation, and whatever current news we might have on our minds. There might be humor involved, maybe even book reviews.

Speaking of book reviews, all of us are excited to hear what Candice Millard has to say when she speaks on September 25 at the Sixth Annual Literacy for All Luncheon. We’re pretty sure you know about and most likely have read her first two books. Both River of Doubt and Destiny of the Republic were New York Times best sellers, and made the lists of “best books of the year” for the Times, the Washingon Post, Kirkus Reviews, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other reviews and lists, including those in The Kansas City Star.

Candice Millard

Candice Millard

We hope she’s going to tell us what’s happening as PBS makes documentaries on those two books for its American Experience series. And we’ll be disappointed if we don’t hear about her third book project, which is about the early years of Winston Churchill. Candice is a graduate of Baker University and lives with her family in Leawood, so it’s particularly nice to see her continued success in the world of serious literature. She has told interviewers that she’s an avid reader of other people’s books and that she mostly works on her books during school hours, like many another working mom with young children.

She’s often praised for her unusual ability to take a subject our youngsters might assume to be immensely boring, such as the life events of a U.S. President, and make the facts come alive in books that weave history into tales full of true adventure, mystery, and intrigue. We look forward to seeing her and you at The Gallery event space in the Power and Light District, from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m., Friday, September 25, at this annual luncheon held to benefit LKC.

We’ll be talking at you here about something or other, just about every Thursday. We hope you will be talking back. Don’t be shy, and don’t forget to send us ideas, concepts, and subjects you’d like to read about. We’ll do our best to accommodate you!

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