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Literacy KC Term 1 2016 Recap

As we prepare for the Term 2 classes to begin, we reflect on the inspiring results from Term 1. Our students are consistently learning and growing with each day of class on their path to literary success. This past term, we had 13 Ticket to Read classes with 145 students enrolled! Take a look at the info-graphic below outlining some of the student goals achieved in Term 1!

Term 1 Results

Some of the other highlights from the term include:

  • 18 Students obtained a library card
  • 97 Students completed a free reading book at their reading level or above
  • 62 Students read a map or a bus schedule
  • 69 Students read prescription or medical information
  • 11 Students reserved a library book online
  • 22 Students participated in their child’s school parent organization
  • 28 Students had increased involvement in their child’s education/literacy activities

We are SO proud of the achievements by Term 1’s students! Are you interested in helping our students to achieve their goals? Get involved with Literacy KC today! Visit to learn more or call 816-333-9332.





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A Volunteer’s View of Literacy KC

We sat down with Janice, a volunteer tutor for Literacy KC in our Ticket to Read program, to find out more about why she dedicates her time to our organization.

What drew you to Literacy KC?

“I retired at the end of 2010 and knew I wanted to get involved with literacy. I saw an ad in the paper for Literacy KC and called and they said they needed volunteers. I completed the training program and began volunteering. I’ve been a volunteer for 5 years now.”

Why did you become a volunteer?

“I have always been really interested in reading and I know how important reading is in order for people to do well in life. I also knew that there was a big literacy problem. You always hear of all these reports of children graduating from high school who aren’t reading or reading at a third grade level and I knew that was something I wanted to help with. When I was a kid we didn’t have video games or much television, so we either stayed inside and read or played outside with friends.”

What is important about the work that you do?

“I’m hopefully helping people on their path to becoming readers!”

What is important about the work that Literacy KC does?

“Filling a big need. We know that there is a huge percentage of adults that are unable to read. I really don’t know how people can function without reading. Today’s society is too complex to get along without it and it amazes me how people manage to get by despite a lack of reading.”

Why do you think it is important to have volunteers at Literacy KC?

“You couldn’t do the job without the volunteers. The instructors can’t teach everybody; volunteers are needed to help out. There is such a difference in each individual’s needs that you almost need to break off and spend time one on one with each individual, and some days we are, depending on the day.”

Spring 2016 may 4 1971

Volunteer Tutor Janice (center) with the rest of the Instructor Julia Wendt’s A1 Ticket to Read Class.

What is your favorite part of Literacy KC?

“My favorite part is just helping the students with the basics. I love meeting all these people from so many different backgrounds and I am so inspired by a lot of the students, they are just amazing. 

If you could describe Literacy KC in one word, what would that word be and why?

“Marvelous. Because reading is just marvelous and this organization is just marvelous. There is so much enthusiasm for the students and teachers that it’s great. It’s great that so many people can care about this one thing; it is very essential to this part of life.”

We are so thankful to have amazing volunteers like Janice! Our volunteers, donors, and partners are the backbone of our organization and our success is directly linked to your involvement.

Are you thinking about volunteering with Literacy KC? You can volunteer from as little as one hour all the way to becoming a classroom tutor! For more information, please visit our website at or email for volunteer opportunities. You may also call our office at 816-333-9332!

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REPRESENT’s First Cohort of Student-Interns Takes Flight!


We celebrate our REPRESENT trailblazers: Chauncey, Nicodemas, Dustin, Richard, Quasim, Mynikka, Jaime, Crystal, and Nadia.

Nine student-interns completed the first term of Literacy KC’s young adults’ workshop, REPRESENT, on April 27th! They celebrated their final class with Literacy KC Instructor Phil Denver, Program Coordinator Anne Gatschet, and four volunteer tutor/coaches.  Their journey in this new career readiness and literacy program for young adults ages 16-24 continues, however, with dedicated mentors guiding them throughout the year toward individual dreams and professional goals.

REPRESENT’s first cohort spent 12 weeks writing, reading, speaking and creating in the key areas of identity, career and finance. By the end of the workshop, students had served as marketing consultants to young adults for leaders at Literacy KC and at the Nelson-Atkins Museum. They created a series of tapestries using self-made block print symbols and original poetry on fabric (see photo below).


REPRESENT Student-Intern Nadia holding the tapestry she created.

Students gave numerous oral presentations, read, and composed texts about workforce soft skills, and took personality inventories. They enjoyed round-table discussions with Kansas City civic leaders. They leave the program with a professional dossier including a resume, personal statement, and a letter of recommendation.

On the final class day, Mr. Denver asked each student-intern to write a statement about what he or she valued most from REPRESENT. Following the writing session, each shared aloud these heartfelt comments:

“The class reminded me how much I really love to read.” – Nadia

“I enjoyed meeting new people. Everyone was friendly, nice and respectful.” – Dustin

“REPRESENT helped me become a better reader and person. It’s helping me to achieve what I most want in life.” – Crystal

“I now have a resume and a letter of recommendation to find my first job.” – Nicodemas

“I learned a lot about myself. My reading, writing and speech has spiked up.” – Richard

“I really improved my reading and writing skills these past 12 weeks.” – Quasim

“I learned many different skills about being confident and not being afraid of asking a question. I’m understanding more about many new topics.” – Jaime

“I enjoyed the speakers who came in to talk to us. The class helped a lot with my reading, writing and comprehension.” – Mynikka

“I learned that everyone at Literacy KC enjoys their day because they are doing something they believe in.” – Chauncey

The next cohort of REPRESENT student-interns is now enrolling for the Term 2 class, beginning May 31st. Each of the first nine will be ready to help!






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